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Make Room Heater at Home in a Very Simple Way

Hello guys in this article I will show you how you can make room heater at home in a very easy way

Winter is approaching and everyone wants to stay warm but when you look at the prices of the room heaters available on the market those are too expensive.

After seeing the room heater price I thought to make one for myself and beat the cold.

This project you can make this at home and his room heater is inexpensive and works very well.

Note: Video is given at end of this project.

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How a homemade room heater works

The working principle is similar to the standard room heater, here coils are used.

In my project, we are using the heat generated from an Incandescent light bulb.

When the bulb is on the air around it gets heated, we are blowing this hot air using the DC fan.

I have added the speed controller to the fan so that you can adjust the heat as per requirements.

Now we will see the materials required to make this project.

Materials for making simple room heater

  • PVC pipe of 110mm
  • A thin sheet of wood
  • Super glue
  • Bulb holder and incandescent bulb
  • Wires
  • DC FAN
  • DC Motor speed controller
  • Wires for connection
  • DC pin(for connections optional)
  • DC power source for PC fan
  • AC power source for light bulb
Materials to Make Room Heater at Home

These are the main components that is necessary for this project.

Apart from these, I have given a list of other materials above.

You can start the project after all the materials are in one place, start with PVC pipe.

Circuit for room heater at home easy

Here is the circuit diagram for the room heater at home easy project, i will explain the circuit so everyone can make this.

circuit diagram for room heater at home easy

Here make a note that we are using 2 different power sources.

Pc fan uses DC power source whereas the bulb uses ac power source.

The bulb holder is connected to wires and the bulb is kept on the holder.

The PC fan is controlled by dc motor speed controller board and we are connecting the 12v dc power supply to this board.

Assembling the heater inside PVC pipe

Like i said earlier i will be using PVC pipe for the body of this heater.

I will mark the circle on the piece of wood and cut it, here the cardboard will hold the bulb.

Connect the bulb holder and for the air flow i have made lots of holes possible on the board.

Now attach this disc to the inside of PVC and secure with glue.

steps to make room heater

This step is very easy all you have to do is use a good scissor and if you don’t have super glue you can also add the PVC glue.

Wait for the glue to dry completely and we will proceed with the next steps.

Adding the PC fan for air flow in the heater

The PC fan or a dc fan kept on the backside of PVC.

Meanwhile you can just add the grill to the front part to make this project look appealing.

Use these simple steps to add the PC fan to the heater.

build your own room heater

I have made some changes to the usual color of PVC and paint it with yellow.

You can connect the wires to the dc fan like i said in the circuit above.

The speed controller when its on the PC fan will beon and the speed of fan can be set as per the requirements.

To elevate the height of heater i made use of small PVC piece.

That was all about making this room heater project, if you have any questions ask in the comments.

A working video and tutorial of this project is given in this video and a special thanks to Ajay for coming up with such idea.

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