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Automatic rain sensing wiper using Arduino with Circuit diagram

Hi readers in this article I will show you how you can make Automatic rain sensing wiper using Arduino.

This is a project that you must try to build for your upcoming mini engineering project.

The modern cars including all automobiles are equipped with automatic wipers on their windshield.

You may be wondering how even this car wiper works automatically when it rains.

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How rain sensing automatic car wiper using Arduino Works

The logic behind working on this project is very simple, The sensor that we are using is rain sensor.

Rain sensor or rain sensing module looks like a solar panel in some way.

Here when the water falls on the rain sensor its resistance decreases.

The change in the resistance will be processed by the arduino codes on uno and run the servo.

This mechanism is converted into the mechanical motion of the car wiper that cleans glass from pouring water.

This is how the rain sensing wiper using arduino works, Now we will gather supplies to build this project.


These were the materials that were essential to build this project.

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Rain sensor working

Rain sensor or water sensor module for arduino is a small board which is size of a mini breadboard.

rain sensing module for arduino

This is how a rain sensor looks like, this is similar to a soil moisture sensor.

The material on the plate when it detects rain water undergoes a small change in resistance.

This signal is so small that we need an amplifier to boost the signals so that it can be read by arduino.

To the left you can see the amplifier board, The input pins of amplifier is connect to the rain sensor module.

While the output pin is connect to microcontroller in our project the Arduino nano pins.

Rain sensing automatic car wiper circuit diagram

The circuit is not complex for this project if you made a few arduino projects before.

We have the rain sensor that connects with the amplifier module and the pins from amplifier A0 go to A0 of nano.

Power supply pins Vcc and Gnd connect with 3v and Gnd pins on the nano board.

rain sensing automatic car wiper circuit diagram

The micro servo signal pin goes to pin D9 on the nano, and the power pins to 5v and Gnd on the nano.

You can supply power to this project by battery or USB power supply via cable.

I recommend using an external battery for this project with the switch control.

Making the circuit

If you follow the above instructions you will end with the circuit like shown below.

automatic car wiper arduino project

To make it look like a windscreen wiper I will use a small piece of cardboard.

I had a cassette cover that was transparent and made of plastic, so I will use it to look like a windscreen.

Use tiny amounts of hot glue to secure the components on the board.

The servo horn is connect with a small strip of cardboard that looks like a wiper of a car.

This finishes the build of this project.

Arduino Rain sensing automatic car wiper code

You can use this code in your Arduino Ide, Dont have IDE get it here

#include <Servo.h>
Servo myservo;
int pos = 0;

void setup() {

void loop() {
  int sensorValue = analogRead(A0);
  if (sensorValue> 570)
    for (pos = 0; pos<= 160; pos += 1) {
    // in steps of 1 degree
    for (pos = 160; pos>= 0; pos -= 1) {
  else {

Before uploading the code make sure to select the proper board type and com port in the menu.

After the code is upload to Nano disconnect the USB and power it up with a battery.

Rain sensing automatic car wiper working

This is the setup that i made for this project, You can also customize it as per your requirements.

If you want to make this look more practical I would suggest you install this on your old radio cars.

Remote controlled cars can be disassembled and to the windscreen, you can add this servo.

Components could be placed inside the car, This is another idea!

This was all about making this automatic wind wiper with arduino.

The working video of this project is here and hope this is your next build.

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