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Simple Automatic Bathroom Light Project without Arduino

Hi readers in this project we will make a Simple Automatic Bathroom Light project without using Arduino.

There are already lots of projects that show how to make automatic on and off light projects with arduino but we are making without it.

In this post, we will see all the details of building this smart on-and-off light without using arduino.

What is Simple Automatic Bathroom Light Project

Generally when we enter any room in night we need to switch on the bulb manually.

This becomes difficult sometimes and the most challenging is whenever you are going to the washroom you forget to turn off the lights.

This can be siolved when we could automate this on and off of the bulb.

In this project, we are using the inexpensive PIR sensor to sense moving objects and activate the switch

I have given a circuit diagram and a complete project report on this project.

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Since we are not using arduino in this project we are using a microcontroller chip.

This controller comes with 16 pins and we will use only 4 pins.

These are the electronic components we need to make this project

  • PIR sensor
  • CH4017 IC
  • BC 547
  • BT 136
  • 10 microfarad and 63v capacitor
  • Few wires
  • Soldering iron
  • Piece of cardboard
  • Battery and a switch
  • Bulb with holder for testing

With all these materials in place, we can start to build the circuit.

You can simply follow this circuit diagram to make the connections.

You need a soldering iron to establish a connection and in some cases pieces of wire.

After you finish the soldering process we can place all these components on a piece of cardboard.

Automatic Bathroom Light Switch Circuit Diagram

Even though these connections seem a little complicated at the first view it is actually very easy.

Whenever you have an electronic component it has names for its terminals and I have given names on this circuit.

Follow those name and make the connections, Solder these and you can trim excess wires if any.

automatic bathroom light circuit diagram

It will take some time to properly make the connections as we are soldering small components.

After everything is complete we have a ready circuit that can be tested.

Before testing connect the lithium-ion battery and power on using the switch.

Automatic washroom light switch circuit diagram is now ready and you can see my circuit below.

Circuit connections

This is an automatic washroom light switch that was made without using arduino.

How simple and easy it was right, here the PIR sensor should be kept as I did.

Simple Automatic Bathroom Light project

Now we can connect the LED bulb that will be the light source for the bathroom.

I will use an LED bulb holder with insulated wires to connect to our circuit.

I will be adding the normal LED bulb and it will look like this when it’s on the circuit.

Here what happens is one end of the bulb is connected to power supply.

The other end of the wire goes through the circuit, and our circuit works as a switch.

Simple Automatic Bathroom Light Circuit

How Automatic on and off bathroom light project works

When object moves Motion sensor on and off will trigger the circuit to work as a switch.

This switch will eventually control the on and off of LED bulbs.

You can watch the working video here and we thank pendtec for coming up with such amazing ideas.

Soon I will be making another version of automatic washroom light switch using arduino in a simple way.

That was all about Simple Automatic Bathroom Light Project.

If you have any questions ask us in the comments section and we will answer, Thank you for reading.

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